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The Secret to Winter Weight Loss

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Did you know that the average person will put on anywhere from 2-3 pounds of fat every holiday season? (1)

Now, you might just assume this is due to holiday treats that bust your diet, or to being stuck indoors…

And sure, that’s definitely a part of it. But there’s actually a more scientific reason for that bothersome holiday weight gain.

You see, back in the days of cavemen, food was especially harder to come by during the winter months…

So they became programmed to eat as much as they could whenever it did come around. (2)

And I’m sure you were able to guess…modern day humans have retained that same caveman instinct.

So, even though there’s plenty of food for you to consume year round, we’re still biologically “programmed” to eat more than we need to (leading to weight gain) during these colder holiday months.

But, we don’t want you to worry…

Because there’s a great way to keep your digestive system prepared to deal with everything the holidays throws at it — and it’s a such a simple adjustment, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it sooner.

We’re talking about drinking water — hot water that is.

1. Smoother digestion

You see, by swapping out cold water for hot water (water that’s anywhere from 120-140°F), you’re actually helping your gut digest food. (3)

This is because hot water helps breakdown the food in your stomach much quicker than its cold counterpart.

That means you’ll be on the road to smoother digestion — so you can go through your day without feeling bloated or dealing with constipation — a “sneaky” way for weight gain to creep up on you. (4)

2. Improves energy

When you feel sluggish and tired, or you’re having issues with muscle cramps and swelling…these could be signs of poor blood circulation.

But increasing your hot water intake helps flush out toxins and other bits of junk in your body — so there’s less stuff slowing down your blood flow. (5)

This means you’ll feel re-energized and less bloated — so you’ll have more than enough “get up and go” to burn a few calories having that snowball fight in the front yard or going for a trip to the local outdoor skating rink.

3. Helps you feel slim

It can be tricky to maintain a healthy weight — even when you’re not dealing with decadent holiday temptations.

Luckily, drinking hot water could help you keep those extra pounds off.

You see, hot water increases your body temperature. And in turn, that speeds up your metabolic rate, helping your body burn calories at a faster rate. (6)

And since hot water helps your gut clear out waste and toxins — you’ll also be carrying around less “water weight.”

Our bodies may be designed to put on weight around the holidays, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it.

To start out, try drinking an 8oz. glass of hot lemon water in the morning. Once that’s a part of your routine, you can even add another 8oz. glass a few hours before it’s time for bed.

And if you’re in need of more support, the ingredients in our Dynamic Biotics blend are capable of reducing the appetite-regulating hormones responsible for holiday overeating. (7)

These “hot water tricks” — along with exercise, moderation and the formulas of Stonehenge Health — make it easier than ever to combat the effects of our “caveman instinct”… keeping you healthy now and for years to come.


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