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7 Fun Grown-Up Summer Bucket List Ideas

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This post-pandemic summer, you deserve to make it the most fun ever and an excellent place to start – checking off a few bucket list adventures. If you don’t have ideas of your own and need some inspiration, take a look at our suggestions below. This grown-up list will get you out of the house and into your local community and the great outdoors, connecting with friends and making new ones.

1. Music Festivals

If you’re longing to connect with like-minded people in a positive, warm feeling environment, there’s no better place than a music festival. Although some festivals have been postponed or toned down, there’s still one or two historic and iconic ones happening this summer. Just pick your genre, pack your sunscreen and sunglasses and go.

Country Jam Colorado in Grand Junction, CO – June 17-20
Newport Folk Festival 2021 in Newport, RI – July 23-28
Musikfest Fest 2021 in Bethlehem, PA – August 6-15
Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, TN – September 2-5

2. Long-Distance Scenic Trails

There are countless amazing long-distance hiking trails in America, including, of course, the “Triple Crown of Hiking,” the Continental Divide Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Appalachian Trail.

Unlike a weekend camping trail with beer and gear in tow, a long-distance trail (we’re talking up to a week, although you can go as long as six months) is an exercise in physical and mental endurance.

But the payoff is the unique experience of having your everyday life fade into the background with your only cares becoming the next fantastic water source and place to pitch your tent. You’ll need to plan and prepare with a specific distance and goal in mind yet be flexible enough to take any curveballs that get thrown your way.

3. Glamping

Imagine hiking a scenic trail all day and then settling into a comfy tent complete with plushy king-sized bed and mountain top views. Glamping (aka glamor camping) is the ideal adventure for those looking to mix the rugged outdoors with a bit of pampering.

Glamping offers gourmet food, hot showers, and flush toilets, and some even offer perks like hot tubs and spa treatments. Some places you can camp in comfort this summer:

Dunton River Camp – Dolores, Colorado
Firelight Camps – Ithaca, New York
El Capitan Canyon – Santa Barbara, CA.

4. Volunteer

There are hundreds of reasons why volunteering is a great idea – making a difference and helping others top the list. Studies show that volunteers are happier, healthier people. And volunteering later in life is more beneficial to your mind and body than only focusing on exercise or eating well, leading to a longer life.

A few places can use your help – no matter what your age – Volunteer to get America Vaccinated, your local animal rescue, or your local food bank.

5. Read a Classic Book

Although they aren’t on today’s bestseller list, there are many reasons why you should consider the dusty golden oldies. I mean, they are called classics for a reason.

You’ll find quality literature that offers intriguing stories with universal lessons. If readers have loved “The Great Gatsby,” “Wuthering Heights,” “Pride and Prejudice,” and “Macbeth” for a long time, you may find that you do too.

6. Museum Hop

The pandemic shut down so much of what makes our lives richer, including museums, where tourists and residents alike experience art, science, and different cultures. As the pandemic fades, museums are finally opening their doors. If not for the sheer joy of strolling the great halls, go because the museum community needs your support.

7. Try a New Restaurant + New Cuisine

America has more food cultures than it has states. There are delicious cuisines to be had all over this nation, and you don’t need to travel very far to find them.

Start by planning your culinary adventure right in your own community. Have you tried the vindaloo or ceviche at your local Indian or Mexican places? What about the pho, falafel, moussaka, or pad thai?

If you don’t recognize these dishes, it’s time to find out what your community has to offer, culinarily speaking.

How to Support Your Active Summer

Long-distance hiking, hopping from museum to museum, or strolling your local festival takes energy, stamina, and comfortable mobility. If you plan to check off items from your summer bucket list or reengage with people and places you’ve been missing because of the pandemic, add this one thing to make it all more comfortable and easier to do – Stonehenge Health’s Turmeric with Ginger.

Turmeric contains a potent phytochemical called curcumin that has been shown unequivocally in numerous studies to block enzymes that cause inflammation which translates to reduced joint discomfort and improved mobility. Curcumin also has an analgesic effect, meaning it relieves joint pain as much as over-the-counter pain killers.

Stonehenge Health’s Turmeric with Ginger contains 1,600 milligrams of turmeric curcumin complex and 140 milligrams of ginger root extract. Black pepper extract is added to improve bioavailability, ensuring you get the most benefits out of the supplement.

There’s something about clear skies and warm weather that invites us to insert adventure and joy into our lives. Don’t let joint discomfort stop you from enjoying every moment of this summer.


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