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How Your Gut Can Help Keep You Well

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There’s one question we get a lot – 

How are the gut microbiome and the immune system connected?

Until recently, we believed our gut microbiome was separate from us. The living microorganisms that work to keep our gut bacteria balanced (aka probiotics) may help with digestion, but otherwise, we lived independently of each other.

But the fact is, there’s a lot of interaction between our bodies and the little critters that live in our guts. Scientists have discovered that the gut microbiome is not a passive bystander but actively impacts multiple bodily functions, including your sleep cycle, nutrition absorption, metabolism, and most substantially, your immune system. 

Gut / Immune System Connection

You’ve probably heard that 80% of your immune system cells live in your gut. And that makes perfect sense once you understand the connection between your immune system, your gut, and the helpful (and harmful) bacteria that live there.

Now, this might sound strange, but your gut is technically outside of your body. 

The alimentary canal is one long tube that runs through your body, starting at your mouth through your esophagus, stomach, intestines and ending with your anus. Obviously, this canal is not closed off from the outside world and is, therefore, a significant source of pathogens entering your body.

Your immune system coordinates all the physiological mechanisms that allow your body to recognize and neutralize harmful pathogens. And these mechanisms include both physical barriers and immune responses.

The large and small intestines constitute your gut. Here is where the gut microbiome and the bulk of your immune system cells meet. 

Scientists believe probiotics (helpful bacteria in the microbiome) communicate with immune system cells and sound alarms when defenses are needed.

This cooperation starts the moment we are born, and our bodies are first introduced to microbes. As you grow, the microbiota affects how your immune system evolves, while simultaneously, your immune system affects what constitutes a healthy gut microbiota.

This process lasts our entire lives. The immune system encourages the proliferation of beneficial microbes and the microbiota, influencing the immune system’s ability to respond to invading pathogens, viruses, and other unhealthy substances.

Another connection is through the lining of our small and large intestines, which controls the permeability of the intestinal walls. A healthy gut lining, lush with probiotics, allows for nutrient absorption while helping block dangerous pathogens from leaking into your bloodstream. 

A Balanced Gut Supports Your Immune System

Getting and keeping your gut in balance is one of the keys to a robust, highly responsive immune system.

Your gut microbiome is out of balance when there aren’t enough probiotics to fend off harmful bacteria. You may experience symptoms like poor digestion, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, low energy, and headaches. This imbalance weakens your body’s ability to defend itself and makes it far more likely that you’ll succumb to a harmful virus or bacterial attacks that make you even sicker. 

A quality probiotic supplement, like Dynamic Biotics, can help bolster your immune system and help eliminate the uncomfortable symptoms of an imbalanced microbiome.

Dynamic Biotics contains 51 billion colony forming units of lactobacillus and bifidobacterium probiotic strains.  High counts of these strains have been shown to help decrease the risk and duration of common infections in the respiratory system and the gut.

Dynamic Biotics also includes prebiotics in the formulation to help nourish the good bacteria and give them the best chance to colonize and thrive. Dynamic Biotics is synbiotic, meaning it contains both probiotics and prebiotic fiber blend NutraFlora® FOS in every capsule.

Dynamic Biotics is an easy way to bolster your immune system, so it’s ready to take on the coming cold and flu season.


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