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Life Is Sweeter without Sugar

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Do you feel like something is mysteriously dragging down your daily energy and zest for life?

One culprit could be an ingredient lurching in almost every packaged and processed food. It’s an ingredient that America eats more than anything else. It has precisely zero nutritional value – no vitamins, no minerals, and no nutrients that can benefit your body in any way. The villainous ingredient I’m referring to is sugar.

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Overconsuming sugar triggers a host of health problems. High sugar intake increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, fatty liver disease, and dementia. Research suggests that sugar’s role in obesity links it to cancerous tumor growth and progression. (1) And thanks to its addictive properties, it gets you hooked.

On the flip side, swearing off sugar boosts your health in many ways, so if you’ve decided that now is the time to cut out sugar, congratulations! There may be bumps along the road, but it will be smooth sailing once you experience how well your body and mind feel without sugar.

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1. Improve Oral Health

Plaque buildup on your teeth increases your risk for gum disease, cavities, tooth decay, gingivitis, tooth infections, and tooth loss. Sugar is the food the bacteria that causes plaque bacteria on your teeth feeds on. Removing plaque’s food source drastically improves your oral hygiene, the appearance of your teeth, and your breath.  

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2. Slim Down with Ease

One of the fastest ways to slim down is by cutting sugar out of your diet. Foods made with lots of sugar are usually the ones filled with lots of empty calories that automatically cause you to gain weight. Not only that, but sugar also goes right into your bloodstream, and your body absorbs it as fat. Unlike eating fat, which is not immediately absorbed. Eating sugary foods is the number one way to cause fat storage, hence weight gain. And finally, sugar tricks your brain into thinking you’re still hungry when you should probably stop eating. 

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3. More Natural Energy

You’ll feel more sustained natural energy throughout the day once you give us sugar. When you eat food heavy with sugar, your body responds by releasing insulin into your bloodstream. Initially, you’ll get a quick pick-up, a “sugar high.” But too much insulin leaves you with no blood sugar remaining in your system – and you crash. Plus, the long-term effect of overeating sugar damages your body’s ability to transform food into energy. 

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4. Lift Memory and Mood

Research shows that elevated glucose can be harmful to your brain, resulting in deficits in memory and increasing the risk for depression. Some research suggests high sugar consumption causes inflammation in the brain leading to difficulties with memory and learning. Cut out sugar, and within weeks you’ll feel the veil of fog lift and your mood improve.

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5. See Younger Looking Skin 

In addition to clearing up blemishes and acne, eating less sugar is also a great way to help stave off wrinkles and aging skin. Collagen and elastin are two critical proteins responsible for keeping your skin looking firm. Glycation is a process of sugar undermining the collagen and elastin production in your skin.

Sugar contributes to chronic inflammation. Inflammation is another factor that can also lead to premature aging. Reducing sugar reduces glucose and insulin spikes, reducing chronic and acute inflammation linked to aging skin.

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Probiotics can help reduce your cravings for sugar.

Your gut microbiome is a vast collection of beneficial and harmful bacteria that directly affects your digestive health, brain function, and immunity. 

Harmful microbes tend to feed on sugar and increase your desire for sugar. The more sugary foods you eat, the more those microbes reproduce, making you crave sugar even more. (2)

By taking a quality probiotic like Dynamic Biotics, you’re crowding out sugar-hungry microbes and replacing them with helpful probiotics that crave food that’s good for you. 

Probiotics are also known to help regulate hormones involved in appetite and help modulate insulin release. Taking Dynamic Biotics daily gives you a powerful tool to help you kick your sugar addiction.

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