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Jaxx’s Story – “Feeling Grateful for a Life-Changing Experience”

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“My digestive issues and all my physical symptoms were interfering with every aspect of my life,” explains alternative rock performer Jaxx Nassar of Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Jaxx spends much of her time on the road as an artist and performer. She needs energy, confidence, and a clear head to put on the kind of rock show that does justice to her rousing, free-spirited style of music.

But her problematic gut was making her work almost impossible to do. She had difficulty concentrating, struggled to sleep through the night, and was not getting the nutrition needed to energize her body.

Almost every meal was followed by cramps and bloating. For Jaxx, life was a daily battle with her digestion, “Just going out to eat with friends, I could barely eat anything. It was no way to live.” 

And then there were the mood swings. Jaxx explained how she “…often felt depressed, anxious, I’d even have panic attacks. And I always felt fatigued and lethargic.”  

Jaxx did a lot of research and realized that probiotics might help her. But discovering you need a probiotic and finding one that works was no easy feat.

“My probiotic journey has been a wild ride. I started at Walmart with gummies with too much sugar and additives. It just wasn’t good for me and made me feel even worse. Then I went to a vitamin store and thought the more expensive brands might help. But they didn’t.”

After trying so many different probiotics, Jaxx felt defeated. “I’m not going to lie to you, I was tired, and I was irritated, and I was desperate. But I had to fix myself, so I kept looking.”

And then Jaxx found Stonehenge Health® Dynamic Biotics™. I studied the ingredients and was like, okay, I’m sold.”

Within weeks, Jaxx could feel a profound difference. “I could tolerate the foods that I like to eat.” In that short time, Jaxx went from struggling with every meal to going out to lunch and dinner and not worrying about how she would feel afterward. “I can actually live my life. It’s just amazing.”

Dynamic Biotics boosted Jaxx’s energy and helped with her mood swings, too. She explains, “I feel more energy, less moody. I’m able to tolerate more foods. I’m able to do my job without feeling just totally worn down at the end of the day. Dynamic Biotics has helped me tremendously in a lot of areas in my life. And it’s just getting better every day.”

Jaxx understands why many people are skeptical and don’t want to spend money on a product they’re not sure will work for them. For Jaxx, “The fact that Stonehenge Health® came with a money-back guarantee was really cool. It shows they have a lot of confidence and trust in their products and that they care.”

Today, Jaxx is a different person. “I went from a limited diet of chicken and a few vegetables to tolerating dairy and eating pizza. I can live my life, and I’m so thankful for that.”

This month Jaxx is heading to Brazil to go on tour. She’s living her best life, feeling great, and she has the energy to pursue the thing she loves, performing her music for her many fans.

What Can Probiotics Do for You?

Quality probiotic supplements like Stonehenge Health® Dynamic Biotics provide a boost to the friendly bacteria that naturally live in your gut.

With 16 unique strains and 51 billion CFUs, Dynamic Biotics™ has a diversity of strains that helps digestive-related issues, like diarrhea, bowel irregularity, and cramps, while promoting your general health such as urinary tract and vaginal wellness, immune system health, and mental wellbeing.  

When your gut microbiome is balanced, you’ll feel like yourself again, ready to take on the world. What could a healthy balanced gut do for your daily life?

Join Jaxx today and grab your supply of Dynamic Biotics™ and live your best life.

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