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Make Those “Senior Moments” A Thing Of The Past

If you’ve ever experienced senior moments – the non-medical term for memory lapses and mental glitches – you’re not alone. As we age, they become more and more common for most people. Forgetting names, passcodes, where you put things, or why you walked into a room are all typical “senior moments.” And they happen for...


How Vince Got His Happy Back

Positive people follow a simple mantra; overcome negativity and appreciate the good around you daily. And that mantra described Vince for most of his life. But after closing a deal on a new rental property in the Pacific Northwest, Vince was bothered by unpleasant feelings becoming...


Jaxx’s Story – “Feeling Grateful for a Life-Changing Experience”

“My digestive issues and all my physical symptoms were interfering with every aspect of my life,” explains alternative rock performer Jaxx Nassar of Clarksdale, Mississippi. Jaxx spends much of her time on the road as an artist and performer. She needs energy, confidence, and a clear head...


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