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How to Get and Keeping Your Mental Edge

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When we were younger, spending the day playing sports and the night taking on a serious mental school challenge was doable. Your brain was flexible, quick, and agile. 

My daughter plays volleyball at a highly academic division one college. 

Last Sunday afternoon, I watched her go toe-to-toe on the court for five sets. Her team prevailed, and in the end, she was physically and mentally wiped out. I offered to take her to dinner as she hadn’t had a real meal all day. She declined. She still had a seven-page essay to write that was due in the morning. She didn’t have an extra hour to have a meal with her mom. I bought her take-out from the local Indian restaurant and said good night.

My daughter is 19 and has a young mind – she can quickly respond, change, and adapt to her environment. Plus, she has a mental edge.

Developing your mental edge is more than remaining disciplined. It requires committing to growing, learning, and becoming the best at what you do. It means committing to regular self-improvement and personal development, regardless of age. 

As you grow older, it becomes harder to get and keep your mental edge, mostly because it’s more of a struggle to stay focused and remember details. And that can be frustrating – to feel you’re capable of more, but your brain feels like it’s holding you back. Maybe you don’t think you can keep up with the younger set, especially in the workplace.

As a cinematographer in the film industry, Nick competes within a pool of talented, driven, and much younger people, and he has always relied on his mental edge.


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In many ways, Nick and my daughter are similar. They both compete to stay on top and constantly push themselves to do better to stay in the game. Another thing they have in common, according to Nick, is “Nobody wants to hear any excuses. You must be able to perform.”

But Nick is 55+ and doesn’t have the advantage of a young brain. And that was becoming a problem in his work life.

“I started to notice the lack of mental performance, recall, and the ability to think quickly. It started probably at 52 and has slowly, progressively gotten more and more challenging. That’s where I started to look for something to help out.”

Nick has the advantages of experience, talent, and a strong work ethic. But he needed more, something to help him get and keep his mental edge.

“The amount of brain energy it takes to retain what each client needs and to be able to satisfy their needs is very demanding. This is why I need to be at my top mental peak performance to deliver. In my industry, you are only as good as your last job,” Nick explained.

After years of trial and error with various nootropic compounds, Nick finally found it, Dynamic Brain is a supplement that works, I was able to feel it within the first two weeks. The difference between what I tried before and Dynamic Brain is dramatic.”

Nick feels that Dynamic Brain allows him to process information more quickly. And Nick says his ability to focus and to retain both long-term and short-term details has been a game changer, “…especially when I’m working late into the night. Before Dynamic Brain, I’d be in a fog if we went extra hours.”

Today Nick feels more confident in his career and life – like he felt in his younger years. But here’s the difference, according to Nick, “I’m now the best version of myself which is exactly where I want to be.”

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