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7 Normal Forms of Memory Loss & What You Can Do About It

As we grow older, our brains change, and we tend to become more forgetful. However, how can you tell if your memory lapses are a symptom of normal forgetfulness or a sign of something more severe? Memory loss and distortion can occur at any age, even in healthy people. The following are seven types of...


How to Get and Keeping Your Mental Edge

When we were younger, spending the day playing sports and the night taking on a serious mental school challenge was doable. Your brain was flexible, quick, and agile.  My daughter plays volleyball at a highly academic division one college.  Last Sunday afternoon, I watched her go toe-to-toe on the court for five sets. Her team...


3 Ways to Reduce Your Risk for Dementia + Recipe

Every morning I clip my trusty step counter to my waistband, intending to reach the magic number of 10,000. My attention to this detail has been primarily to reduce my waistline. Little did I know I’d also been reducing my risk for dementia.  What is Dementia Dementia is the irreversible loss of cognitive function –...


Make Those “Senior Moments” A Thing Of The Past

If you’ve ever experienced senior moments – the non-medical term for memory lapses and mental glitches – you’re not alone. As we age, they become more and more common for most people. Forgetting names, passcodes, where you put things, or why you walked into a room are all typical “senior moments.” And they happen for...


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