Stonehenge Health®
Incredible Digestive Enzymes

18 Powerful Multi-Functioning Enzymes*
  • Supports digestion of Protein, Carbs, Dairy, Fiber & Gluten*
  • Helps promote a healthy digestive system*
  • Helps relieve occasional gas, bloating, and stomach discomfort*
  • Vegetarian, Non-GMO
  • Manufactured in the USA from the finest globally sourced ingredients
  • 3rd Party Tested for Quality Assurance

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  • Stonehenge Health® Incredible Digestive Enzymes Overview

    Have you ever prepared a delicious and healthy meal, only to worry about the “consequences” later with that uncomfortable and embarrassing bloated feeling? Or, perhaps you’ve joined friends and family at your favorite restaurant, taking great care to choose a healthy dish, only to regret it later when that familiar gassy feeling sets in. You don’t want to leave the party early, but unless you’re at a restaurant where it’s acceptable to lay down in the booth, you have no choice but to excuse yourself and head home, where you land on the couch, lamenting over which food might have caused all this discomfort.

    Your body requires the proper levels of digestive enzymes to help it break down the food you eat and so you can absorb the nutrients. Sometimes, our bodies need a little help with digestive enzymes, so you can not only receive the proper nutrients but enjoy your food as well!*

    Incredible Digestive Enzymes is a blend of 18 multi-functioning enzymes specially formulated to help you digest your food the way your body was meant to – without you having to think and worry about discomfort.*

    Incredible Digestive Enzymes addresses all food groups with one unique blend of enzymes to help put you back on track with ease and comfort*:

    Now you can enjoy the healthy foods you love without having to plan your day around the inconvenience of occasional digestion woes.*

    Stop planning your life around your moody digestive system and get back on track with Incredible Digestive Enzymes! You’ll find the results to be nothing short of INCREDIBLE!*

    One (1) bottle contains 60 vegetarian capsules, a 30-day supply.

    SUGGESTED USE: Adults, two capsules daily with water. Swallow whole.

    CAUTION: Take only as directed. Do not exceed suggested use. If you have a medical condition or are pregnant or nursing, please seek the advice of a qualified health care professional before using. Not intended for use in children. Do not use if safety seal is torn or missing.


    Capsule Size: 13/16 inch x 5/16 inch

    Manufactured in the USA from the finest globally sourced ingredients

  • Stonehenge Health® Incredible Digestive Enzymes Ingredients

    Protein Digestion Blend:

    Protease 1 & Protease 2




    Carbohydrate Digestion Blend:




    Alpha Galactosidase

    Dairy, Fat & Sugar Digestion Blend:




    Gluten & Grains Digestion Blend:



    Fiber Digestion Blend:


    Beta Glucanase



  • Stonehenge Health® Incredible Digestive Enzymes Reviews

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    Fantastic Results

    Stacy A., Santa Clarita, CA

    "I have experience all kinds of digestive issues in my life. My belly is very sensitive to many of the foods I love, so I was very excited to find your helpful product. My tummy and I thank you."

    Life changer

    Jeremy S., Spokane, WA

    "These pills have really changed my life. I had chronic and fairly consistent diarrhea regardless of what I ate, so my life was very unpleasant. It made it very difficult to plan my life as I was constantly in need of a bathroom. IBS-D (irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea), leaky gut syndrome were real issues for me, but within just a couple of days of starting on Incredible Digestive Enzymes, I’m feeling so much better. It’s been truly amazing how much better I feel and the constant search for the nearest bathroom has finally ended. "

    Love this product

    Brandy J., Peoria, IL

    "I had to have a gallbladder surgery recently and ever since then, diarrhea had become part of my everyday existence. This product has made a significate difference in getting everything back to normal. My belly finally feels normal again."

    My Gluten Solution

    Nikkie E., Roanoke, VA

    "For many years I have struggled with gluten. My body just didn’t seem to want to break it down and in turn caused my belly some serious aces when I would eat too much. The problem, I love bread, pasta and all the other yummy things that contain gluten. It wasn’t until I found this digestive enzyme, that I could really eat what I wanted and not regret it later. "

    Very satisfied

    Susie Beth L., Jacksonville, AR

    "My gut hasn’t felt this good in a very long time. I often struggle with food as many of the things I love give me horrible stomach pains after eating them. That has all but cleared up now that I’ve started taking this product. Thank you for helping me not regret what I eat anymore. "

  • Stonehenge Health® Incredible Digestive Enzymes FAQ

    What are the advantages of taking Stonehenge Health Incredible Digestive Enzymes?

    This optimal blend of 18 multi-functioning enzymes has been specifically formulated to promote a fully functional and consistently healthy digestive system. It relieves gas, bloating, fatigue, and stomach discomfort after eating. It scientifically supports the proper digestion of protein, carbohydrates, dairy, fiber and gluten.

    How should I take Incredible Digestive Enzymes?

    Take 2 capsules at the beginning of each meal as a dietary supplement, or as directed by a healthcare professional. Do not exceed six capsules daily.

    Is it safe?

    Your safety is our highest priority. Stonehenge Health only formulates with the highest quality ingredients. Every ingredient is third-party tested for purity and potency and then bottled here in the USA at a cGMP certified facility. We also rigorously test all of our products through an independent third party for optimum redundancy and quality assurance. Stonehenge Health Incredible Digestive Enzymes is manufactured using the highest-quality, all-natural, and purest ingredients available. The recommended dose should not be exceeded, and pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult their personal physician before using this or any dietary supplement. It should be noted that this product does contain dairy, soy and wheat which are known to be allergens with some people. It has also been manufactured and packaged in a facility which may also process milk, soy, wheat, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and crustacean shellfish.

    Should I be aware of any side effects?

    There are no reports of any side effects associated with the use of Stonehenge Health Incredible Digestive Enzymes as a dietary supplement. However, it is always advisable to seek the advice of your doctor before making any changes to your diet, health routine, or treatment. As a dietary supplement it should only be taken as directed, with meals, and not on an empty stomach. It is always advisable to seek the advice of your doctor before making any changes to your diet, health routine, or treatment.

    Can I take even if I’m taking other medications?

    While this supplement is a pure product, manufactured with the highest quality ingredients, we do strongly suggest that you consult your physician should you have any concerns about adding another supplement to your day-to-day regimen.

    Do they come in vegetarian capsules?

    Yes. Stonehenge Health Incredible Digestive Enzymes comes in a 100% vegetable cellulose capsules, contains no animal products, so it is Vegetarian.

    How quickly can I expect to feel results?

    Generally, you can expect to feel results very quickly, usually within one to four weeks. Everyone’s body chemistry is unique, so individual results may vary. Don’t forget; we stand behind everything we produce with our 90-day Money Back Guarantee. You can be confident that if you don't see results, you can quickly return your order for a full refund of the product price.

    Why subscribe?

    Subscribing to automatic shipments means locking in the best deal, enjoying hassle-free deliveries with front-of-the-line shipment priority, and the flexibility to pause or change your order anytime. This convenience ensures consistency in your health routine, which is crucial for achieving results. Embrace a seamless way to support your wellness goals with our 'set it and forget it' service, designed for your peace of mind and optimal outcomes.

  • Stonehenge Health® Incredible Digestive Enzymes Guarantee

    100% Risk-Free, 90-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

    At Stonehenge Health, we are confident that our all-natural formulas will surpass your expectations. We have carefully crafted our products with the highest potency, purity, and performance possible. Our 90-day full money-back guarantee allows you to try any of our Stonehenge Health products with absolutely no risk involved.

    If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your order, you can feel assured that we will accept your return or exchange at any time within 90-days of you receiving your order. A full product price refund for returned items will be issued, or replacement products will be shipped depending on your preference. Please retain and return any used or unused bottles for the return to be fully credited.

    The reason we make this type of guarantee is that our return rate is very low. Most people who try our products love them. We know you will too!

    To read more on our Exchange and Returns Policy, please click here.

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