Stonehenge Health®
Dynamic Mushrooms

Supports Cognitive Function and Immune System Response*
  • 1,400 mg blend of Powerful Medicinal Mushrooms: Lion's Mane, Reishi, Chaga, Maitake, and Shiitake
  • Powerful Nootropic for enhanced cognitive function*
  • Supports Immune System Function*
  • Superior Absorption Power using highly Concentrated Extracts
  • 100% Mushroom Fruiting Bodies (Doesn't contain mycelium on grain)
  • Vegetarian Capsules
  • Non-GMO, No Soy, No Gluten, No Dairy, and No Artificial Ingredients
  • Manufactured in the USA from the finest globally-sourced ingredients
  • 3rd Party Tested for Quality Assurance

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  • Stonehenge Health® Dynamic Mushrooms Overview

    Stonehenge Health's Dynamic Mushrooms is a highly concentrated 1400mg blend of some of the world's most researched medicinal mushrooms: Lion's Mane, Reishi, Chaga, Shiitake, and Maitake. Each of these mushrooms has it's own therapeutic ability; together, they are a powerhouse nootropic formulation designed to help boost your memory, clarity, and overall cognitive performance while also helping to relieve stress and anxiety. This quality supplement can also help maximize your body's ability to improve the strength of your immune system, reduce inflammation, and deliver potent antioxidant benefits.

    Lion's Mane provides cognitive enhancing benefits for improved memory, focus, mood, and relief from stress and anxiety. *

    Chaga is rich in nutrients like B-Complex vitamins, zinc, and antioxidants. Research suggests Chaga supports the immune system by helping regulate the production of cytokines and stimulating white blood cell function. *

    Maitake means "dancing mushroom" in Japanese and is one of the most prized mushrooms in Asian herbology. It's considered an adaptogen, assisting the body in fighting against mental and physical stressors. *

    Shiitake is used to support the immune system and is a powerful anti-aging agent. It's known to help improve gut immunity and lower inflammation. *

    Reishi delivers immune system support promoting the function of antibody cells and cell-mediated immunity.*

    At Stonehenge Health, we strive to use the highest quality ingredients; that's why Dynamic Mushrooms are made from highly concentrated extracts of the mushroom fruiting body only. Unlike mushroom supplements made from mycelium powder, there's no grain, starch, or unnecessary additives.

    Mushrooms in their standard unextracted form are largely indigestible because they contain an insoluble fiber called chitin. Our ingredients are hot water extracted, which breaks down chitin, ensuring your body can absorb the benefits of our mushrooms. One dosage of these highly concentrated extracts is equivalent to 5.6 grams of dried mushroom powder – delivering high levels of beta-glucans, the most active health-boosting constituent in medical mushrooms.

    One (1) bottle contains 60 vegetarian capsules, which is a 30-day supply.

    Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take two (2) veggie capsules once a day. For best results, take with a meal and drink an 8oz glass of water or as directed by your healthcare professional.

    Caution: Do not exceed the recommended dose. This product is not intended for pregnant or nursing mothers or children under the age of 18. If you have a known medical condition or are taking any prescription medication, consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement. This product is manufactured and packaged in a facility which may also process milk, soy, wheat, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and crustacean shellfish.

    Capsule Size: 7/8 inch x 3/8 inch

    Manufactured in the USA from the finest globally-sourced ingredients

    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

  • Stonehenge Health® Dynamic Mushrooms Ingredients

    Lion’s Mane Mushroom 4:1 Extract - 1000mg

    Chaga Mushroom 4:1 Extract - 100mg

    Maitake Mushroom 4:1 Extract - 100mg

    Shiitake Mushroom 4:1 Extract - 100mg

    Reishi Mushroom 30% Extract - 100mg

  • Stonehenge Health® Dynamic Mushrooms Reviews

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    We love hearing from our customers. Here’s what they have to say about Dynamic Mushrooms...


    Vince, Seattle, WA

    "I’m 61 years old and I’ve spent 30 years in the US Army.

    My son is an occupational therapist. He recommended that I use medicinal mushrooms because he saw that I was loosing my memory and I was feeling stressed.

    I found Dynamic Mushrooms and now I’m remembering things better, I feel less stress, I have a more positive attitude, and life is just more enjoyable."



    Vanessa, Philadelphia, PA

    "I decided to try Dynamic Mushrooms because I needed two things - my memory back and more energy.

    I have a very stressful job, and my memory was getting overloaded. I couldn't remember things if they were unrelated to my kid or my work.

    I'd forget basic things like walking from my desk into the kitchen; I'd wonder, "Why am I here? What am I doing?".

    With Dynamic Mushrooms, I do not forget as much as I used to. It still happens, but it's not nearly as frequently, which is a big relief.

    Even better, my energy levels are much higher than they used to be. Working crazy hours and caring for my family, like many people, I didn't have a lot of energy for anything extra.

    I'm now more awake and alert, and the energy from being more awake and alert has been tremendous."


    Shayla, Baltimore, DE

    "Stonehenge Health's Dynamic Mushrooms is an excellent product. I ordered this blend and started using it just a few weeks ago. I was feeling exhausted and feverish, and instead of going into full-blown flu, the sickness passed, and I recovered within a few days. I feel Dynamic Mushrooms' 5 medical mushroom blend boosted my immune system, as promised. With this virus situation, everyone is vulnerable, especially the elderly. I'm currently taking two servings a day but will switch to one once this health crisis is over."


    Millie, Reno, NV

    "At the age of 81, I was experiencing major memory problems. I couldn't recall names. I'd be standing in a room and could not remember why I was there. I'd lose everything, keys, my glasses, and my pillbox. I'd make a cup of coffee and forget and make another cup of coffee. My doctor gave me a few tests and told me to expect the situation to get worse as I age. I was not willing to accept this diagnosis and started doing research. I decided to try Lion's Mane, and as I was looking for the right product, I chose Dynamic Mushrooms. It had a high level of Lion's Mane that I was looking for combined with other "mental" mushrooms. It's been about a month, and my memory, although not what it was when I was 40, is getting better and better. I'm much more positive about life, and I don't feel so stressed when it's time to make important decisions. It's an extra bonus that these mushrooms help my immune system, too."


    Avery, SF, CA

    “What a difference a few weeks on these mushrooms make! After about two weeks of taking Dynamic Mushrooms, suddenly, my mind seems sharper and clearer, and I'm able to remember things much more quickly and accurately than I normally would. My anxiety over this COVID mess has decreased as has the way I handle stress. I just feel that I'm able to react more calmly to situations that would normally send my stress levels soaring. Considering everything going on right now, it's really improving the quality of my life."


    Mike, Minneapolis, MI

    “I've tried other mushroom supplements that helped a little, but these have given me clarity and mental power that's far beyond what I've experienced before. I take two in the morning, and within a few hours I feel fully present, my brain synapses on high alert. I no longer feel so anxious. I've also quit my two cups of coffee habit; I don't need it for clarity or energy anymore.”

  • Stonehenge Health® Dynamic Mushrooms FAQ

    How often should I take Dynamic Mushrooms?

    As a supplement, for peak absorption, take two capsules daily with a meal and an 8oz glass of water.

    Is Dynamic Mushrooms vegan?

    Our capsules are vegetable-based and vegan. This supplement contains no animal products of any kind.

    Can I take Dynamic Mushrooms with my medications?

    Our mushroom formula is 100% all-natural and safe; however, please consult with your physician or health care professional before taking any new supplement.

    What does Dynamic Mushrooms contain?

    What makes Stonehenge Health Dynamic Mushrooms better than others?

    Mushroom blends sold in stores and online are not all the same. Many supplement manufacturers attempt to reduce their costs and cut corners by not including the maximum dosages and purity of ingredients that we do at Stonehenge Health. Our Dynamic Mushrooms use highly concentrated extracts from the mushroom fruiting body to ensure maximum health benefits and maximum absorption. Additionally, most manufacturers do not offer vegetarian capsules.
    We use strict guidelines and spare no expense to bring you the finest supplements available. We triple-verify our quality by having an independent third-party laboratory test each batch of our products to ensure the purity and potency of our ingredients.

  • Stonehenge Health® Dynamic Mushrooms Guarantee

    100% Risk-Free, 90-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

    At Stonehenge Health, we are confident that our all-natural formulas will surpass your expectations. We have carefully crafted our products with the highest potency, purity, and performance possible. Our 90-day full money-back guarantee allows you to try any of our Stonehenge Health products with absolutely no risk involved.

    If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your order, you can feel assured that we will accept your return or exchange at any time within 90-days of you receiving your order. A full product price refund for returned items will be issued, or replacement products will be shipped depending on your preference. Please retain and return any used or unused bottles for the return to be fully credited.

    The reason we make this type of guarantee is that our return rate is very low. Most people who try our products love them. We know you will too!

    To read more on our Exchange and Returns Policy, please click here.

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