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How Vince Got His Happy Back

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Positive people follow a simple mantra; overcome negativity and appreciate the good around you daily.

And that mantra described Vince for most of his life.

But after closing a deal on a new rental property in the Pacific Northwest, Vince was bothered by unpleasant feelings becoming increasingly familiar to him – anxiety and pessimism.

No question managing several rental properties that you own is stressful. It’s your responsibility to maintain the physical grounds, staff, and relationships with renters and neighbors.

But as a soldier and master sergeant in Iraq – now retired from the US Army – Vince had spent most of his career staying cool under extreme pressure. Feeling overwhelmed and anxious over something that should have made him feel upbeat had Vince worrying even more.   

Vince explained his state of mind this way, I was having a hard time staying positive, not letting negative thoughts come into my brain and run with them. And I was responding with a lot of anger to stressful situations, and I was not happy about that.” 

And it didn’t help that, like a lot of 61 years old, Vince was having trouble remembering names, where he put things and keeping his life organized. “There’s no question that I was losing my memory, and I was becoming more confused,” said Vince.

Fortunately, the “brain blips” and negative attitude did not go unnoticed by Vince’s family. And one of his kids had an intriguing suggestion.

“My son is an occupational therapist, and he was telling me about things that could help me get my positive energy back and get control of my emotions while also helping with my memory and keeping things organized. He recommended functional mushrooms.”

Like most people, functional mushrooms were a mystery to Vince. But after doing his research, he decided to try Stonehenge Health® Dynamic Mushrooms™. 

After only a few weeks, Vince noticed a big difference. “I was remembering names better and was more organized in my head about the tasks I needed to perform each day.”

Even the little things had become more enjoyable because of Dynamic Mushrooms™. “I have found that watching movies is more interesting and entertaining because my brain works better.”

Most importantly to Vince, he’s back to his positive self. Dynamic Mushrooms™ got me on the road to feeling less stressed and more like myself again. And now I enjoy my home and the people around me. And life is so much better.”

What Can Dynamic Mushrooms™ Do for You?

Functional mushrooms are not the type of mushrooms you’d find in the produce section at your grocery store. They are much more valuable and harder to find than the standard varieties. Instead, functional mushrooms provide proven health and therapeutic benefits.

The easiest way to enjoy the numerous health benefits of functional mushrooms is through a supplement like Stonehenge Health® Dynamic Mushrooms™. It’s an expertly crafted blend of Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Reishi, Maitake, and Shiitake with highly concentred extracts of mushroom fruiting bodies.

Take Dynamic Mushrooms daily as part of an overall healthy lifestyle – for better memory and focus, increased mental strength and physical endurance, improved ability to adapt to physical and mental stressors, and support your immune system’s health.

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