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Easy Tips To Be Stress Free

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The other day, I noticed something that made me think of you.

You see, I was in line waiting to order breakfast, and the cashier behind the counter let out the biggest sigh, he looked so frustrated.

The kitchen was backed up and there were hungry customers asking for their orders left and right.
But there was nothing he could do.

I could tell he was stressed out. I felt so bad for him…but I can certainly relate.

And that’s why I thought of you because I’m sure you can relate, too. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, there’s always something, right?

And it doesn’t just have to be stress from work, you could be late running an errand, or just stuck in traffic…

ALL stress affects you.

And according to new research from Georgia State University, all that stress can lead to drastic changes in your gut health. (1)

But here’s the good news…It doesn’t have to be that way.

Because if you can manage and deal with the stress, not only will your gut health remain optimal, your overall well-being will increase, too.

So today, I want to share some quick things you can do right now to have a major effect on your health going forward.

Here are two key tips for “Stress-Free Living”:

Tip #1- Build something!

According to researchers at Cal Berkeley, the way your brain responds to rhythmic, repetitive movements is the same way it responds to meditation. (2)

This calming effect helps “distract” you from whatever stressed you out in the first place.
And once you’ve successfully built something you’ll get an additional bonus — a newfound sense of accomplishment!

When I feel like zoning out and getting rid of some stress, I like to spend time building model airplanes — I just make sure I read ALL of the instructions first.

So, take a trip to your local hobby shop and find a project that’s ideal for you!

Tip #2: Simply Simplify

Think of simplifying your life like this: instead of asking yourself “What can I add?” ask yourself “What can I subtract?”

I know firsthand how hard this one can seem, but once you get the ball rolling and start giving away your old books or donating those clothes you no longer wear…

…your cleaner and brighter looking home will have you feeling like a weight was lifted off your shoulders.

It’s hard enough as it is to keep your digestive health in order.

So, I hope you give these tips a try, you’ll be doing yourself and your digestion a huge favor!



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