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Starting a New Career Beyond 50: Lamar’s Success Story

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Lamar’s Dream Job

When Lamar landed his dream job as an advocate for at-risk youth, he wasn’t expecting the level of intensity and stress that came with it. And age-related forgetfulness that’s normal for someone in their 50’s was becoming a real challenge.

“There are a lot of case numbers and different systems,” Lamar explained. “Part of the job is speaking in front of magistrates and judges, answering questions quickly and on the spot, and it has to be correct. I struggled to remember all of it. I also had a problem with mentally retrieving information. I’d be in the middle of presenting a case and suddenly get stuck on a word.”

Lamar was worried that his job was on the line; he needed help.

“I started looking for something to help those neural connections fire a little quicker. But most cognition and memory products were extremely pricey and beyond what I could afford. I looked at Dynamic Brain, it had some great reviews, and the price was reasonable. I decided to give it a go,” he said.

Lamar says he got what he needed from Dynamic Brain

“Within three days, my recall was quicker, and my focus was on point. I had energy and drive for the entire day. And the information was sticking.”

Today, Lamar is confident in his new position and is no longer worried that he can’t keep up. 

“From the minute I wake up and take Dynamic Brain, I am on ‘go.’ And there’s something about the focus that keeps me locked in, and I am on that same level throughout the day,” explained Lamar. “Since Dynamic Brain, the energy, the memory, it’s all there, which is why I take it every day.”

Reinvent yourself

Reinventing yourself in your 50’s and beyond isn’t about what’s out there; it’s about figuring out what’s inside you aching to come out and taking the necessary steps to make it happen. 

It takes courage…

And the confidence that your brain has the ability to focus, remember, and create.

Dynamic Brain’s blend of nootropic ingredients helps improve your cognitive function by supporting your brain’s membrane structure while fighting cell-damaging free radicals. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects may also help improve blood flow and oxygen to your mind, boosting your concentration and alertness. (1-3)

With Dynamic Brain, you’ll have the mental energy and clarity to boldly go where your experience and imagination take you. And like Lamar, you’ll worry less and enjoy life more.

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