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Ginger: The Spice That Makes Everything Nice

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If you’re anything like me, then I know you enjoy indulging a bit from time to time.

It’s an urge that strikes everyone — because we all need to take some time to have fun with our food on occasion…

As long as it’s in moderation!

After all, too many indulgences too often can take their toll — mentally and physically.

Fortunately, you’re in luck.

Because there’s something you can add to your diet right now that helps your gut balance out those indulgences and helps your body stay in tip-top shape:


And since we care so much about the health and well-being of our readers, today we’re sharing 4 incredible ways ginger can give your digestive health a boost…

And bring a little more peace to your life, even on days where your diet may not have been “perfect.”

1. Ginger reduces stomach discomfort

Research has shown that ginger has the ability to stimulate peristalsis, better known as the flow of your gut. (1)

This helps accelerate your stomach’s ability to empty food into your small intestines, something that’s incredibly helpful in cases of overeating or indigestion. (2)

2. Helps reduce feelings of nausea

Ginger helps inhibit serotonin function in your digestive tract — preventing the overactivation of the vagal nerve that triggers nausea and vomiting. (3, 4)

3. Promotes gut integrity

Researchers from The Central Gastroenterology Scientific Research Institute in Moscow have found that ginger actually promotes an increase in the number of prostaglandins in your stomach lining — a key part of maintaining smooth, optimized digestive health. (5)

4. Ginger Improves Blood Sugar Levels

When your blood sugar gets too low, you can be left feeling tired, weak, shaky, lightheaded, and hungry.

And when that happens, you’re more likely to crave sugar, and heavy carbs. But when you do this, you run the risk of — lowering your blood sugar and causing your body to store fat.

It’s a vicious cycle.

But, when your blood sugar is in balance and you don’t have an excess of insulin, your body is able to effectively kickstart the weight loss process.

When you get a handle on your blood sugar, you’ll be unlocking the key to maintaining long-term, healthy fat loss. (6)

And adding ginger to your diet is as easy as can be.

Grate some onto your mashed sweet potatoes; add a few slices of it to your next batch of lemonade; or, the next time you decide to bake some apples, feel free to sprinkle some grated ginger on top before you throw them in the oven.

But however, you choose to add ginger…

Remember, the goal is to have an optimized digestion, so you can live a free and easy life.

Hopefully, these tips can play a role in helping you get there!

One more thing — there’s one other quick way you can give your digestive health a boost: Stonehenge Health’s Incredible Digestive Enzymes.

It’s the perfect mix of 18 powerful enzymes, designed to minimize your stomach discomfort and maximize the nutrients you get from your food.


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