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America’s New Favorite Past Time – Pickleball, Of Course

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Celebrities are raving about it; parks and recs are scrambling to build new courts, and updated lines have been drawn on tennis and basketball courts everywhere.

It’s making headlines and amassing millions of new players every year.

This isn’t an ordinary sport; it’s a movement.

So, what is this game with the funny name, and why is it the fastest growing sport in America?

Closeup of a pickleball and paddles on an empty court under sunny skies.

Pickleball is like tennis, but it’s played on a much smaller court, without all the impact. It’s like ping pong, only more physically demanding, and badminton – but with bounce. It’s every game you loved as a kid; all rolled into one easy-to-learn, entertaining package. And the equipment is inexpensive – it won’t burn through your allowance.

People of all ages and body types can participate because it’s low impact and plays more slowly than tennis. You can control the difficulty level by playing singles for an intense workout or doubling up for a more leisurely game. The simple rules, small court, and light ball have made Pickleball a family favorite.

7 Reasons I’m Obsessed and You Will Be Also

I’m all about health, and so here are 7 reasons I’m so obsessed… I’ve installed my own court.

Seniors play a game of doubles in pickle ball. Two men are on one team. Male in red shirt swings to hit an airborne, yellow pickle ball.

1. Cardio

As I’ve gotten older, cardio workouts have become somewhat of a drag. Pickleball offers cardio – and engagement. It’s so fun that I hardly notice that I’m burning off 320 calories every half-hour I play.

2. Balance  

As we age, our sense of balance naturally deteriorates, increasing the risk of taking a debilitating fall. The best way to keep your balance intact and improve it is by staying physically active. 

3. Coordination + Reflexes 

Coordination and reflexes are complex cognitive abilities that often go unchallenged in adult life. Pickleball engages these vital functions intuitively to help keep you sharp and alert.  

A pickleball baseline shot during a tournament

4. Stamina 

Before taking up Pickleball, I could only run for a minute or two. Since I started playing, I’ve been able to jog a mile without stopping, and I consider that a win.

5. Connection

We know that social connections improve and extend our lives. However, we often don’t take the time to nurture our relationships and truly connect with others. Pickleball is an incredibly social sport, and it’s sure to bring out the fun side of everyone you play. I love this game!

Happy Pickleball Player

6. Any Age Can Play

Because it’s low impact and the games are short – around 15 minutes, Pickleball has long been a favorite among seniors. Play singles for an intense workout or double up for a more leisurely game. What could be healthier or more fun?

7. Brain Workout

Many of our senses are left underutilized in our busy, hectic lives. Pickleball enhances your brain’s processing speed. It engages your coordination, reflexes, and balance while exercising and drawing oxygen into your brain.

The real draw of Pickleball for me is that it’s simply fun. When you play, you won’t notice you’re exercising. I find it so entertaining; I can hardly wait to play my next set.  

Enhance Your Game

In sports and life, a sharp mind will enhance your game. 

Our brain needs the right balance of exercise and nutrients to function at peak levels. Pickleball will give you the exercise. A quality brain health supplement like Stonehenge Health’s Dynamic Brain will give your brain the nutrition to think smarter and boost your mental energy. (1-3)

Dynamic Brain provides potent dosages of essential vitamins and minerals, including brain-boosting ingredients Choline, Bacopa, and Huperzine A and complex B vitamins. 

Taking good care of yourself–mind, body, and spirit–goes a long way toward keeping your brain healthy throughout your entire life. Exercise your body and your mind daily, and take a daily nootropic support supplement to provide your brain with all of the nutrients it needs for optimal functioning no matter your age.

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