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The Mental Health Breakthrough To Help You Thrive

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The modern world has many advantages, from increased access to information online to working remotely. Another big advantage is the introduction of video chat online therapy, which provides convenience and flexibility in receiving psychological help.

Meet My Son, Frank Jr.

My son Frank Jr. plays water polo at a highly competitive college, and his computer engineering major is among the most difficult.

Frank confided in me a few months ago about how overwhelmed he felt. Everyone around him expects him to do great things, but he feels he isn’t up to par with his classmates or teammates.

My heart ached for Frank as I watched his once-optimistic demeanor be consumed by sadness. His fragile state plummeted even further after his high school sweetheart ended their long-distance relationship. I knew that I needed to get him some help.

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I looked into traditional therapy options near his campus. None of the local options seemed the right fit for his unique situation as a division 1 athlete playing one of the hardest games while studying a demanding subject and nursing a broken heart.

That’s when I discovered online therapy. I searched for a therapist specializing in helping athletes cope with their specific pressures. The person needed to be able to help a young person being away from home for the first time, competing hard, and staying on top of their studies.

I found the right match on the website The specialist we found was perfect for Frank – even though she lived 2,500 miles away. It didn’t matter since all sessions were held online.

Frank started meeting with his new therapist weekly over Zoom calls, and within just weeks, I noticed marked improvements in his mood and attitude. Frank can stay afloat even when things get tough around finals and playoff season, thanks to his new support system. I felt like his success would have been impossible without online therapy.

Reasons You Might Benefit From Therapy

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You might feel like it’s time to talk with a therapist for numerous reasons. Everyone faces challenges at some point in their life. Seeking help in difficult times will allow you to more easily manage the struggles and increase the speed of feeling good again.

Therapy can:

• Provide a safe and confidential space to explore your thoughts and feelings.

• Help you develop coping strategies to manage difficult emotions and situations.

• Improve your communication skills and help you build stronger relationships.

• Help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your behaviors.

• Be beneficial if you’re experiencing mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

• Provide a sense of validation and empathy from a trained professional.

• Help you identify negative thought patterns and work towards replacing them with more positive ones.

• Help you process and heal from past traumas.

• Improve your overall mental health and well-being.

• Provide a non-judgmental and supportive environment for you to work through your challenges.

• Last for just a few sessions or be an ongoing beneficial experience you continue to gain value from for as long as it’s helpful.

The Benefits of Online Therapy

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Mental health is an important aspect of life, and a healthy mindset has been proven to improve overall well-being. Unfortunately, many people don’t prioritize it due to financial concerns, local resources, or the stigmas attached to therapy.

Consider online therapy if the traditional in-person therapy model doesn’t quite cut it for you. Online therapy has enormous convenience and cost-efficiency advantages, but that’s not all. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can access professional mental health care and guidance from the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

Online therapy, also known as e-therapy or teletherapy, is a form of therapy where you receive mental health counseling through the internet. This method has gained significant popularity when in-person counseling sessions became almost impossible for many. 

One of the primary benefits of online therapy is its accessibility. Online therapy sessions can be conducted from the comfort of your home, office, or any other location with a stable internet connection. Online sessions eliminate the need for travel, which can be a significant barrier to in-person therapy, especially if you live in a rural area or have mobility issues. Online therapy also allows for more flexible scheduling, as you can schedule sessions at times that work best for you and the counselor without needing to take time off work or school.

Finding Your Specialist

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Another benefit of online therapy is accessing a broader range of therapists. Traditional therapy sessions are often limited by geographic location, with individuals only able to access therapists within their local area.

Online therapy, however, allows you to access therapists from anywhere in the world, expanding the range of available options. This is especially helpful if you are looking for a specialized type of therapy with someone having specific cultural or language preferences. Online therapy is also a better option if you struggle with mobility or a chronic illness that makes it difficult to leave the house.

Online therapy can also be more cost-effective than traditional therapy. In-person therapy sessions can be expensive, with many people struggling to afford the cost of regular sessions. Online treatment can be less expensive, as no overhead costs are associated with maintaining a physical office space. Additionally, some insurance plans now cover online therapy, further reducing the cost to patients. 

Ease of Treatment

Online therapy can also be beneficial if you struggle with social anxiety or other issues that make it challenging to engage in face-to-face interactions. The anonymity provided by online treatment can make it easier for you to open up about sensitive topics without feeling self-conscious or judged. The anonymous nature of online sessions can be especially beneficial if you are hesitant to seek help due to feelings of shame or embarrassment.

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Continuity of care is another significant advantage of online care. Travel, illness, or inclement weather can interrupt traditional therapy sessions. Online therapy eliminates many of these barriers, allowing you to continue therapy sessions even when you wouldn’t have been able to attend in person. The ease of care can be especially important when dealing with chronic mental health conditions that require ongoing treatment and support.

Online therapy can also be more comfortable for individuals who prefer to communicate in writing rather than verbally. Some individuals may find it easier to express their thoughts and feelings through writing, which can be accommodated through online therapy platforms that offer messaging or email-based communication. 

Finally, online therapy can be a beneficial option if you prefer a self-directed approach to therapy. Some online therapy platforms offer self-guided programs that allow you to work through therapeutic exercises and modules at your own pace. Self-guided models can be better suited if you want to develop new coping skills or are interested in exploring a specific area of mental health without having to talk face-to-face with a person.

In conclusion, online therapy offers numerous benefits, making it an attractive option if you need mental health support. Its accessibility, affordability, and flexibility make it a viable option for everyone. 

Where To Look?

Online therapy is a convenient way to access mental health services, but that does not mean it is right for everyone. Look into online therapy through search engines or sites like

If you are in a mental health crisis and need help, please dial 988 for the National Hotline for Mental Health Crises and Suicide Prevention.

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1. Panossian, Alexander, and Georg Wikman. 2010. “Effects Of Adaptogens On The Central Nervous System And The Molecular Mechanisms Associated With Their Stress—Protective Activity”. Pharmaceuticals 3 (1): 188-224. doi:10.3390/ph3010188.

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