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Dear Margo: ‘How & When Should I Take My Supplements?’

Hello Stonehenge Health Fans! Today, I’m happy to introduce you to our newest Stonehenge Health blog series called Dear Margo. In this series of blogs, I will answer the most commonly asked questions we hear from you, our community members. If you’re wondering,” Who’s Margo?” – here’s a bit about me… First and foremost, I am...


7 Ways to Help You Go Right NOW

I’ll just say it… this blog post is about pooping. Before I started writing it, I researched euphemisms for the movement to soften the blow – my favorite “dropping a deuce.” But if you’re among the 65 million Americans that regularly experience constipation, it’s no joke. Bowel movement regularity is an essential indication of your...


Is It Time To Call In The Immune System Reinforcements?

With virus cases still rising, you may be looking for ways to strengthen your immune system’s ability to fight and ward off illness. Medical experts agree that a healthy diet, adequate sleep, and daily exercise are a great start to keeping your immune system operating at it’s best. Add in stress-reducing practices like yoga, meditation,...


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