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Feeling Sick? Get Some Sleep

When you’re feeling unwell, your body instinctively knows what to do – sleep.  This isn’t a mere whim but a vital part of your body’s defense strategy. Sleep is a powerful tool for energy conservation, allowing your body to focus its resources on fighting off the illness. But it’s more than just an energy saver;...


4 Essential Ways to Prep Your Immune System for Fall & Winter

  With summer fading into fall, it’s all hands on deck to ready your immune system for the coming cold weather. Respiratory infections, colds, and flu spread more efficiently in colder weather for a few reasons. The first is proximity. We spend more time indoors, where we are less likely to social distance. At the...


Breathe Easier with these 7 Seasonal Allergy Essential Tips

If you’ve got seasonal allergies, you’re probably struggling with fierce coughing, sneezing, and watery eyes this year, more so than in the past. Of all the things that can cause allergic reactions, pollen is the most widespread. And due to persistently hotter and hotter weather, pollen production has been heavier and lasting longer year over...


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