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7 Fun & Healthy Ways to Keep Active in Colder Weather

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Winter is coming.

As the fall weather turns colder, it becomes more of a challenge to spend time outdoors. Bundling up and the risk of slipping are two things that dampen the desire, throwing a wrench into staying fit during the months ahead. 

However, staying active is all the more critical because doing so can help you limit those pesky holiday pounds and better support your immune system.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to enjoy an active lifestyle, even if it’s no longer warm and sunny. Check out these seven ways to stay active in the coming months. Maybe you will find a new favorite. 

1. Enjoy Fall Foliage

There is no better time to discover a new hiking trail than fall. Head to your closest state or national park and spend time soaking in color. Bring along a friend to share the kaleidoscope.

2. Seasonal Chores

Don’t look at a backyard littered with fallen leaves and a house in dire need of Christmas lights as chores; they are opportunities to get active. While you’re bending, lifting, climbing, and raking, you’re also burning calories and getting in a solid total body workout.

3. Winter Sports

Cross-country or downhill skiing, ice skating, or snowshoeing up a hill are great, fun, and intense workouts. If you don’t have the equipment, your local rink and nearest ski resort surely have equipment available for rent.

Fresh air, sunshine, and exposure to nature’s nutrients help you stay healthy even when it’s cold outside. Make everything social; instead of going alone, bring a friend (or two). Whatever you do is more fun and motivates you when you do it with others.

4. Indoor Sports

Indoor sports like squash, basketball, and volleyball are perfect for winter, especially if they have elements of competition and socialization. Check out your local gym, YMCA, or community center for informal meet-ups.

5. Challenge Yourself

You will find many holiday-themed running and walking fundraising events between October and December. Moreover, prepping for something like a 5K race encourages you to work out even more.

6. Work Out at Home

Staying fit at home has never been easier – and you don’t need to spend thousands on a souped-up stationary bike to do it. Look for workout YouTube videos or invest in a few pieces of home gym equipment. There are thousands of phenomenal workouts at very reasonable prices or completely free available on the internet. Find your own personal trainer every day. 

7. Take Turmeric

You may have noticed that joints are stiffer and achier when the weather turns cold, making it even harder to stay active. 

When the temperature drops, synovial fluid – your joint’s shock absorbers – expands and thickens and does not provide the optimal level of lubrication to protect your joints. (1) Fluctuating synovial fluid causes discomfort for people of all ages, but more so if you have arthritis.  (2)

But you can do something to help avoid synovial fluid expansion and runny noses, for that matter – add Stonehenge Health Dynamic Turmeric to your cold weather routine. 

Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powerhouse that benefits every body system, from your heart to your brain to your joints. The Arthritis Association recommends turmeric as one of the natural ways to help reduce joint pain and improve your mobility. (3)

Moreover, turmeric works double duty combating joint discomfort when the weather changes. Along with reducing inflammation, studies show that turmeric may help inhibit changes in synovial fluid. (4)

Plus, turmeric supports your immune system cells, making them better able to defend you against colds and flu.

Dynamic Turmeric contains a hefty 1,650 mg of Organic Turmeric Curcumin Complex plus 300mg of Organic Ginger Extract and BioPerine® for maximum bioavailability and digestive comfort.  

Dynamic Turmeric™ is an excellent way to simultaneously bring down inflammation, support your joints and boost your immune system health.  It truly is the ultimate cold weather wellness support supplement. 

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