Category: Cold and Flu Season

7 Fun & Healthy Ways to Keep Active in Colder Weather

Winter is coming. As the fall weather turns colder, it becomes more of a challenge to spend time outdoors. Bundling up and the risk of slipping are two things that dampen the desire, throwing a wrench into staying fit during the months ahead.  However, staying active is all the more critical because doing so can...


Immune Boosting Dynamic Duo: Elderberry + Echinacea

Winter has arrived. And what usually follows closely behind are sneezes, sniffles, fevers, and coughs. If you have a bent towards natural wellness, you know that elderberry and echinacea may lend a hand in helping end your symptoms sooner. That’s why you’ll find no lack of remedies containing elderberry and echinacea extracts – from lozenges...


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