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The Soaring Popularity of Birding: Is it the Next Big Thing?

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pilated woodpecker

It was a sunny morning when the birdwatching bug bit me. 

My brother John’s voice, tinged with inexplicable excitement, echoed, “Margo, you’ve got to see this!”

With the enthusiasm he was exuding, you’d think he’d spotted a mythical creature prancing in the backyard.

But no, it wasn’t a unicorn. Instead, nestled amongst the trees off his back porch was a Pileated Woodpecker.

This past July, I spent a few weeks in the heart of Central Pennsylvania as a guest at my brother John’s house. With his mild-mannered demeanor and bookish charm, John is a polymath – knowledgeable about virtually every topic yet never coming off as a know-it-all. He is genuinely the perfect kind of person.

His home, perched atop a hill and enveloped in a colorful blanket of trees, was a bustling bird metropolis.

The bird feeders John had scattered around his property acted like avian magnets. At first, I was prepared for a relaxingly monotonous week – which I was perfectly content with. But as it turned out, monotony was about to take flight!

The night following our woodpecker encounter, I dove headfirst into John’s birdwatching world. We pored over the Kaufman Field Guide to Birds of North America. As we flipped through the pages, I began to understand the allure of birdwatching. It wasn’t just about ticking off species from a list; it was a rewarding hobby with many unexpected perks.

Natural Stress Buster

Active senior woman using binoculars to see the beauty of nature

In the relentless whirl of life, taking a moment to sit quietly and observe birds was like a serene massage for my mind. It was calming and soothing, and I found myself basking in the tranquil charm of this peaceful pastime.

Digital Detox

Blue Jay

We’re so tethered to our screens that we often overlook the mesmerizing world beyond the pixels. Spotting a variety of birds, from barn owls to blue jays, feels like you’re rekindling a forgotten friendship with nature.

Brain Gym

happy middle aged couple bird watching outdoors

Birdwatching, or “birding” as it is affectionately known among enthusiasts, is more than just a delightful hobby; it’s a mental workout in disguise. Each time you embark on a birding adventure, you’re not just stepping into the great outdoors but walking into an open-air classroom that challenges and stimulates your mind.

When you spot a new bird, it’s like solving a complex puzzle. You must observe carefully, noting details such as the bird’s size, shape, color, behavior, and even its unique calls. These observations then need to be matched with the information available in field guides or birding apps, making the process an engaging exercise in problem-solving and memory recall.

In addition, each bird species comes with its own set of intriguing facts about its lifestyle, feeding habits, migration patterns, and habitat preferences. As you uncover these facts, you’re learning new things about nature, ecology, and animal behavior. It’s like attending a biology lecture with the added bonus of fresh air and real-time observations.

Make It Social

Seniors trekking in a forest

Birdwatching can serve as a fantastic social activity, providing an opportunity to connect with like-minded people who share a similar passion for nature. Joining local bird watching clubs and joining organized birding trips can lead to new friendships and enriching conversations. 


Active senior couple hiking in mountains with backpacks and hiking poles, enjoying their adventure

Hiking up hills and meandering through wooded paths without realizing you’re breaking a sweat? Way more fun than a treadmill! By the end of the week, I found myself physically revitalized.

Today, I proudly identify myself as a “birder.” Interestingly, birding is not just a hobby favored by Boomers and Gen Xers like myself. It’s gaining traction among younger folks, too, proving that the appeal of birdwatching transcends age boundaries. 

As I look forward to many more birding adventures, I can’t help but feel excited about the future of this captivating hobby.

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