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Dear Margo: Why Does My Supplement Smell Funny?

We often asked, “Why does my supplement smell funny? First and foremost, at Stonehenge Health, we don’t use diluted ingredients. Stonehenge Health supplements are pure, undiluted nutrients – in a capsule or softgel. Moreover, certain nutrients are derived from natural sources that have particular scents. Every ingredient has its own naturally occurring smell, which may change...


Dear Margo: ‘When Will My Supplement Take Effect?’

How long will it take for my supplement to start working? This is one of the top questions we hear from our Stonehenge Health community members. It’s not surprising because you purchased a supplement, hoping that you will feel better – and you would like to know when feeling better will begin. But the fact...


Dear Margo: ‘How & When Should I Take My Supplements?’

Hello Stonehenge Health Fans! Today, I’m happy to introduce you to our newest Stonehenge Health blog series called Dear Margo. In this series of blogs, I will answer the most commonly asked questions we hear from you, our community members. If you’re wondering,” Who’s Margo?” – here’s a bit about me… First and foremost, I am...


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