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15 Tips to Make Solo Travel A Joyful Success

Solo travel can be a scary thought for many. Your first venture can be quite a mix of excitement and uncertainty. But fear not because solo travel is a genuine opportunity to free yourself from routine and reshape your perception of the world and your own identity. It is a pivotal experience that everyone should...


From Comfort Zone to Adventure: How Traveling Abroad Can Benefit Your Body & Mind

As a young adult, I was an avid traveler, constantly seeking exciting experiences while living abroad. When my children came along, I was thrilled to share my love of adventure, taking them on wild journeys across the world from Australia to Istanbul. As they and I grew older and their school and sports commitments tied...


7 Fun Grown-Up Summer Bucket List Ideas

This post-pandemic summer, you deserve to make it the most fun ever and an excellent place to start – checking off a few bucket list adventures. If you don’t have ideas of your own and need some inspiration, take a look at our suggestions below. This grown-up list will get you out of the house...


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