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Does Your Liver Need a Detox?

It’s almost impossible to overstate the importance of your liver. As your primary filtering system, it works around the clock, eliminating the toxins that can harm your body. It cleans your blood to the tune of one quart a minute and performs over 500 different functions, participating in everything from metabolism to waste removal. And...


5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Liver Function

Your liver works hard to remove toxins from your body and plays a key role in your metabolism, circulation, hormonal balance, and healthy digestion. It detects the presence of toxic substances like heavy metals and by-products from the breakdown of medications and either converts them into harmless substances or releases them into the bowels so...


Easy Cleanse to Super-Charge Your Energy, Mood & Overall Health

Your kidneys and liver partner up to remove toxic waste from your body. Problems with the functioning of these organs can cause a number of physical symptoms and a range of serious physical and mental health problems....


A Simple Way to Improve Your Immune System: The Science Behind Stonehenge Health

In the 19th Century, Louis Pasteur’s germ theory of disease made an audacious and unthinkable claim. He asserted that most diseases are caused by invading microscopic organisms—little bad bugs that make us sick. This theory revolutionized medicine and saved millions from plagues like smallpox which had devastated populations for centuries. However, as the adverse effects...


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