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Is Leaky Gut Syndrome at the Heart of Your Medical Condition?

You may be hearing murmurs here and there about leaky gut syndrome, and the name probably made you cringe a little. A newly identified condition that hasn’t quite broken into the mainstream, leaky gut syndrome may be at the heart of a number of ailments, from arthritis to diabetes. But what is this terrible-sounding syndrome,...


HEALTH UPDATE: New study from University of Chicago sheds light on obesity

The scent of BBQ instantly makes me think of the summer season…and mouthwatering foods like hot dogs and burgers. But, even if you consider yourself “fit”, those tasty summer meals could be putting you at risk for poor health down the line. You see, a shocking new study out of Chicago showed just how bad...


Top 3 Tips to Reduce Painful Bloating

When you’re working hard to have the healthiest feeling body possible, one of the most frustrating things that can happen is feeling stuffed, gassy, and bloated… And it can be especially disheartening when it happens during this time of year. Because having unpredictable gut health can put a serious wrench in so many of your...


Top 10 Terrible Foods for Digestive Health

As we age, our digestive systems can get out of whack. Foods that we used to eat with impunity now keep us up all night with heartburn and indigestion. Even seemingly harmless foods can do a number on your gut health. Avoiding foods that cause problems for you is the best way to deal with...


How B. Lactis Improves Your Gastrointestinal Health

In your digestive tract is a veritable zoo of microorganisms, a complex community that works together to keep things moving gracefully through your digestive system. Your gut flora plays a major role in your digestive health and your overall wellbeing. According to the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, your gut bacteria supplies essential nutrients to...


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