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How & When Should I Take My Supplements?

We often get asked what the optimal time is to take a supplement. You may have heard that you should take them with food on an empty stomach, or… take them before breakfast, or… take them before you go to sleep, so which is it? The answers depend on the ingredients, what you want to...


Krill Oil vs Fish Oil: Which is Better For Your Health?

Fish oil and krill oil have been a mainstay in the health and wellness conversation for years now for one primary reason:  Omega-3 fatty acids.  There’s a great reason for all the hype.  Omega-3s have been clinically proven to deliver incredible health benefits such as:  • Heart health: Omega-3s have been clinically proven to support...


Introducing Batch Tracking for Dynamic Krill Oil: A New Era of Transparency and Quality

At Stonehenge Health, we understand the importance of taking supplements and knowing exactly where they come from and their benefits.  That’s why we’re excited to announce an innovative new feature for Dynamic Krill Oil, one of our most popular products: batch tracking.  Starting March 22, 2024, every new bottle shipped of Dynamic Krill Oil now...


Unlocking the mystery of Omega-3s: Essential fats explained

Let’s unravel the secrets of one of nature’s most powerful nutrients… Omega-3 fatty acids, the unsung heroes of dietary fats, stand at the forefront of health science, offering a treasure trove of benefits that seem almost too good to be true.  Imagine a single nutrient capable of bolstering heart health, sharpening your brainpower, assisting your...


9 Essential Tips To Chase Away Winter Hair Woes

Every winter, I find myself dreading the same thing: not the icy roads or even the early sunsets, but my winter hair. It’s a battle I’ve been fighting for years. As a woman in her mid-50s with thinning hair and a bit too much fallout, winter is a season that’s particularly tough on my tresses. ...


4 Great Reasons to Take Fish Oil and How to Get the Right Dosage

We need to take good care of ourselves, now more than ever. And it’s never too late to start attending to your health, whether that entails quitting smoking, starting an exercise regimen, or eating healthier food. Every little good decision you make adds up and can make a big difference. Supplements are a good way...


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