Category: Inflammation

5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Liver Function

Your liver works hard to remove toxins from your body and plays a key role in your metabolism, circulation, hormonal balance, and healthy digestion. It detects the presence of toxic substances like heavy metals and by-products from the breakdown of medications and either converts them into harmless substances or releases them into the bowels so...


Top 10 Terrible Foods for Digestive Health

As we age, our digestive systems can get out of whack. Foods that we used to eat with impunity now keep us up all night with heartburn and indigestion. Even seemingly harmless foods can do a number on your gut health. Avoiding foods that cause problems for you is the best way to deal with...


How B. Lactis Improves Your Gastrointestinal Health

In your digestive tract is a veritable zoo of microorganisms, a complex community that works together to keep things moving gracefully through your digestive system. Your gut flora plays a major role in your digestive health and your overall wellbeing. According to the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, your gut bacteria supplies essential nutrients to...


The Role L. Gasseri Can Play in Your Weight Loss Journey

It’s not so easy to lose weight at 50 as it was at 30 but dropping even just 10 percent of your body weight can dramatically improve your overall health and help you live longer. Unfortunately, there are no miracle magic cures for weight loss, but the good news is that certain supplements can help....


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