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Discover Chaga, Diamond of the Forest

You are probably familiar with buttons and portobellos, the varieties of edible mushrooms we add to soups, pasta, and salads. But there’s a whole other world of mushrooms that are becoming increasingly popular for the health benefits they offer beyond nourishment. These varieties are called medicinal mushrooms.   Reishi, Shiitake, and Lion’s Mane are among the...


How To Calm Your Racing Brain and Fall Asleep Faster

Have you ever put your head on your pillow, hoping for sleep to come quickly? But your wired mind, obsessing over your work or family problems, just perhaps it just won’t let you relax. Not quickly falling asleep is one of life’s cruelties, exhausted from the day yet knowing sleep won’t come for minutes or...


Health & Wellness Trends for 2021

Without a doubt, the pandemic crisis is the primary driver of health and wellness trends for 2021. And you don’t need to consult a crystal ball to know that the realities of this pandemic will affect the way we approach our health and wellness for years to come. 1. At-Home Fitness With the pandemic forcing...


The King of the Medicinal Mushroom Kingdom: Lion’s Mane

There are thousands of mushrooms species that exist on the planet. And mushrooms are a peculiar form of life. They pop up out of seemingly nowhere, in the strangest places. And unlike plants, they’re not green, they don’t have leaves, and they never flower. Believe it or not, from an evolutionary standpoint, mushrooms are more...


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