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How to Instantly Become Smarter and More Alert

Can everyday activities like sprinting up the stairs or taking out the trash make you smarter? It all clicked for me at a seminar I attended last week. After sitting for hours listening to boring statistics, my mind wandered. No matter how hard I tried, I could not focus on what the speaker was saying....


Turmeric for Arthritis: How It Helps Relieve Discomfort and Improves Mobility

Turmeric is one of the few natural remedies experts agree can help with many health concerns, particularly those associated with inflammation like arthritis.  In fact, the Arthritis Foundation website states that Turmeric supplements are “backed by science” and “help relieve arthritis.” (1). Clinical trials using Turmeric supplements have shown long-term mobility improvements for people with...


Why Are You Living with Knee Pain?

When people hear “total knee replacement” (TKR), they imagine risky surgery, a lot of pain, and months of recovery time. If you have knee problems, you may avoid the discussion and choose to grin and bear the daily pain. I am here to tell from personal experience that addressing it at the start makes so...


9 Benefits of Turmeric Golden Milk & a Recipe to Make It at Home

Turmeric, that bright yellow spice that flavors many a tasty Asian dish also packs a health punch that benefits your body in numerous ways. Turmeric is one of the most studied natural spices on Earth with know health benefits going back thousands of years....


Signs You May Have Candida and What You Can Do About It

Candidiasis is a fungal infection that can affect the mouth, intestinal tract, skin, genitals, and other mucous membranes. Caused by an overgrowth of Candida, a fungus, candidiasis (more commonly known as a yeast infection) isn’t generally serious. However, if you have weakened immunity, it can lead to invasive candidiasis, a serious condition that may affect...


Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Joints

Joint pain and weakness is a problem for millions of Americans. Not only does it cause significant discomfort, there is nothing more frustrating than having the desire to exercise but not being able to because your joints are either too weak or too inflamed. Joints are the critical pieces of connective cartilage that hold your...


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