Ready, Set, Summer: 9 Tips & Tricks to Get Your Body Ready Now

It’s spring – and you know what that means – time to shed your winter layers. Soon enough, you’ll be showing off your shorts, tank tops, and, dare I say it – bikinis and swimsuits.

But if you’ve packed on 15+ while laying low through Covid in 2020 – you are not alone – and you may be a little insecure about what you’ve been hiding. But no worries, adopting the following tips and tricks starting now will have you looking and feeling like your sexy self before the summer solstice arrives.


1. Set time aside to exercise

The only way to get your slim self back is to pick a program and stick with it. Include cardio, at least 30 minutes a day, and strength exercises like squats and curls. Exercise encouraging wearables like the Apple Watch or Fitbit make a huge difference.


2. Make your belly and butt your top priorities

Your biggest muscles are your gluts. Working them out burns calories and helps firm up your saggy bottom. And, of course, the key to looking bikini fabulous is a tight tummy. Give both your butt and your belly extra attention when you work out leading up to and during summer. Try performing this move following your cardio workout, 2 to 3 times a week.

Donkey Kick
Get on all fours. Keep your right leg at a 90-degree angle and lift it into the air until your knee and shoulder align. Then lift your foot towards the ceiling. Reverse and return to the start position. Aim for four sets of 12 on each side.

3. Walk five minutes every two hours

When you’re behind a desk all day, it’s easy to forget to get up and move. A brisk 5 minute walk every few hours equates to an extra 20 minutes of walking a day. And while you’re out meandering, you’re less likely to snack.

4. Cut back on processed and starchy carbs

Pasta, bread, bagels, and chips are not your friends. Most of these foods are loaded with salt and preservatives that lead to water retention and bloating. If the ingredient list on the package is more than three lines—or lists anything you can’t pronounce – just say no. Instead, opt for a serving of your local farmers market’s finest fruits and vegetables now in season.

5. Drink extra water

The quickest way to flush your system of excess water weight is to flood your body with water. Shoot for drinking at least half your body weight in ounces each day (e.g., a 180-pound man should drink 60 oz. a day).

Make it icy! Studies show drinking ice-cold water causes your body to burn calories to maintain your ideal temperature. Consider that tall cold glass of H2O as your fat-burning fuel.

And finally, some research shows drinking 16 oz of water before you eat a meal can make you feel fuller, leading you to eat less overall.

6. Make dinner your lightest meal

People who eat their heaviest meals earlier in the day lose more weight, mainly because your body digests food more slowly at night.

7. Add 10% to the number of calories you think you’re eating

If you think your daily caloric intake is about 1900 calories and you’re wondering why you’re not shedding pounds and inches, add another 190 calories to your guesstimate. Chances are, the higher number is more accurate. Adjust your daily diet accordingly.

8. Get accountability and support

There are lots of benefits to fitness trackers and apps that help you track your eating. Visual accountability motivates you to move and keeps you honest. This type of support also allows you to include friends and family into your routines which encourages you to challenge yourself even more.

9. Supplements support healthy digestion and weight loss

Weight loss gets more challenging as we age, so attacking it from three sides – exercise, diet, and supplements – can make a big difference in seeing faster results.

A growing body of research shows that probiotic supplements contribute to your overall health, mood, and energy level, all things that support healthy weight loss.

There’s also evidence that taking a probiotic containing specific probiotic strains helps you slim down by naturally reducing your appetite and inhibiting the amount of diety fat your body absorbs. The probiotic strains with clinical support are Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus gasseri.

Taking a quality probiotic that includes these strains like Dynamic Biotics is an easy way to help you slim down, improve your overall health and get you ready for summer.


6 Ways to Get Your Weight Back on Track after the Holidays

Are you feeling an extra inch or two around your middle?

This time of year, sweet and savory temptations surround us. And unless you’re superhuman, total resistance to all the delicious holiday delights is almost impossible.

No wonder experts say that between Thanksgiving and Jan 1, the average American adult gains about one pound. Now, one pound might not sound like a whole lot. But problems arise when that extra pound sticks around long after the holidays are over. After a few years of accumulated holiday pounds, the excess weight adds up.

But don’t worry. Losing holiday weight gain is easier than you think. Keep reading for a few simple things that you can do to get yourself back on track, and jump-start your way into a fit and healthy new year!


#1. Exercise Every Day for One Month

There’s nothing better for your body than moving. Study after study shows that exercise can both improve the quality and the duration of your life. Exercise every day can also help you quickly drop a few pounds while toning up your body.

Now there’s no stopping you from keeping the daily exercise going as long as possible. But by giving yourself a short term, incremental goals, you are much more likely to reach your ultimate weight loss and fitness objectives.


#2 Find A Friend To Workout With

What’s more motivating than knowing someone is saving you a mat at the pilates studio? Working out with a friend helps you avoid skipping your daily exercise when you’re feeling less than inspired. You’re more likely to meet your weight loss goals with a friend because you’re simply less likely to give up. And studies show, when you work out with a friend, you work harder too.


 #3 Ditch Unhealthy Holiday Treats

Is your fridge full of holiday leftovers, cakes, candies, and treats? This may sound crazy, but -open the fridge door, pull out every weight-buster you see – and throw it all away. If you can’t stand the idea of tossing good food, donate it to your local food pantry. Getting temptation out of your site is the only way you to avoid adding them to your waistline. And when your fridge is empty, fill it up with fresh, healthy, wholesome food – only.


#4 Be Prepared

When you’re extra busy at work, and hunger is gnawing at you, that’s when you are most likely to reach for a readily available – and unhealthy sweet treat. The key here is preparation. Prepare all your food for work the night before. When your meals are ready to go, you won’t make unhealthy, spontaneous choices. And while you’re at it – get your fitness bag ready too. Make sure there’s no excuse to skip the gym – remember, your buddy is waiting!


#5 Drink Lots of Water

Drinking lots of water cleanses your body of toxins, boosts your metabolism, and even suppresses your appetite. Drinking lots of water also stops your body from retaining water – leading it to drop extra water weight.

Thirst can make you think you’re hungry when you just need water. So before you decide on a snack, drink a glass of water first.


#6 Gut Health is Everything

The holidays are the prime season for overindulging on sugar, alcohol, and unhealthy fat – all things that throw your gut microbiome out of whack and make digestive issues much more likely.

At the same time, you’re less likely to eat high fiber foods that your helpful gut bacteria need to survive. Taking a probiotic supplement reseeds your gut, keeping your digestive health on track.

When it comes to holiday weight gain, studies show that taking probiotics from the Lactobacillus family can help. A study done on L. Fermentum showed it reduced weight by 3-4% over 6 weeks. That means a person weighing 165 pounds can lose 6.6 pounds just taking this one probiotic daily.

Fermentum, along with other strains shown to help you lose weight is included in the 16 strains of probiotics in Stonehenge Health’s Dynamic Biotics.

Learn More >>


Omar, Jaclyn M., Yen-Ming Chan, Mitchell L. Jones, Satya Prakash, and Peter J.H. Jones. 2013. “Lactobacillus Fermentum And Lactobacillus Amylovorus As Probiotics Alter Body Adiposity And Gut Microflora In Healthy Persons”. Journal Of Functional Foods 5 (1): 116-123. Elsevier BV. doi:10.1016/j.jff.2012.09.001.

20 Ways to Drop Pounds and Keep Them Off

Fad diets may work in the short-term, but only if you work really hard at it. In the end, it’s usually impossible to stay on a prescribed diet forever, and the minute you go off and go back to your former eating habits, the weight comes right back on in spades.

The best way to lose weight, and keep it off, is to make lifestyle changes that become a habit. Small changes can add up to big changes. Each week you can adopt one of these new lifestyle habits, and in six months, you’re all but guaranteed to be lighter on your feet, feeling and looking amazing.

1. Reduce processed foods. One of the worst culprits for weight gain is processed foods. Try to stick with whole foods like fruits and vegetables, beans and legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds, and lean proteins.

2. Lift weights. The more muscle you build, the higher your metabolism and the more calories you burn. Lift at least twice a week for the best results.

3. Do intervals. A huge body of research shows that intervals–alternating between easy cardio and high-intensity cardio–burn more calories and fat than straight cardio.

4. Eat more protein. Protein makes you feel fuller, and it also revs up your metabolism. Eat protein regularly throughout the day. Think eggs, nuts and seeds, cheese, and yogurt.

5. Supplement with krill oil. Studies show that mice fed diets high in omega-3 fats accumulate significantly less body fat. Stonehenge Health’s Antarctic Krill Oil is a powerful omega-3 supplement and contains free radical-fighting antioxidants.

6. Start your meals with a salad. Fill up on a little bulk ahead of eating the main course, and you’ll eat fewer calories at each meal and get the benefits of all those extra vitamins and minerals.

7. Ditch the soda. If you normally drink two sodas a day, quitting soda alone will net you a loss of almost a pound each week. It’s an easy way to lose 10-20 lbs. Try unsweetened tea, water, or low sugar kombucha as alternatives to soda.

8. Eat breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast–even if it’s just a handful of nuts and a slice of cheese–revs up your metabolism and helps fill you up until lunch time and can prevent morning unhealth snack cravings.

9. Stand more. Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular as research shows that those who sit all day are at higher risk of obesity and a wide range of diseases. If you don’t stand, at least get up every hour and move for three to five minutes to keep the blood flowing. A tracking devices like an Apple Watch or Fitbit can help keep you on track.

10. Sneak in exercise. The more you move, the more you lose, period. Park far away, take the stairs, take the long way at home and at work, and whenever you think about it, move your body a little. It all adds up.

11. Replace the starch with veggies. Swapping the rice or potatoes with some steamed, roasted, or otherwise prepared vegetables can save you quite a few calories and carbs.

12. Eschew the fryer. Instead of frying food, bake or roast it whenever possible. Fried foods are categorically unhealthy, and they can quickly sabotage your weight loss efforts. Indulge now and then, but for everyday purposes, baking is the way to go.

13. Ditch the designer coffees. Those fancy coffee drinks do more than put a dent in your wallet: They also add lots of calories to your week. Develop a taste for plain coffee, maybe add a little half and half, but avoid coffee with loads of extra added sugar.

14. Split a meal. When you go out to eat, split a meal with your date. Portion control is important when you’re looking to lose weight, and huge restaurant portions can do you in if you eat out a lot, plus you’ll save money while you’re at it.

15. Eat more slowly. Eating quickly fills you up before your brain gets the “full” signal. Eat more slowly so that you’ll get the full signal sooner, saving lots of calories.

16. Take a probiotic. Probiotics like Stonehenge Health’s Dynamic Biotics are good for gut health, and they impact your overall health, too. Research shows that probiotics may increase levels of a protein that leads to decreased fat storage, and they may reduce inflammation to protect against obesity.

17. Don’t buy junk food. Shop when you’re full so that you won’t be tempted by your favorite junk foods. Indulge on special occasions, but most of the time, avoid the chips, candy, soda, and pastries.

18. Exercise for a half hour most days. Try to get at least a half hour of exercise five days a week for optimal weight loss. You can break your time up into two 15-minute sessions or three 10-minute sessions and get the same benefits.

19. Sleep. Adequate, healthy sleep is crucial for having the energy and mindfulness to exercise and eat healthy food. Strive for seven to nine hours of sleep each night.

20. Cut yourself some slack. Feeling bad about your food choices can lead to stress eating and other bad habits. Be kind to yourself. Try to make each day healthier than the day before. When you don’t, forgive yourself. There’s always tomorrow.

Weight loss after 50 isn’t as easy as it was in our younger days. Set reasonable weight loss goals for your body’s age, type and size. Consider your weight loss journey a series of small lifestyle changes that will, over time, add up to a healthier, slimmer you.


The Secret to Winter Weight Loss

Did you know that the average person will put on anywhere from 2-3 pounds of fat every holiday season? (1)

Now, you might just assume this is due to holiday treats that bust your diet, or to being stuck indoors…

And sure, that’s definitely a part of it. But there’s actually a more scientific reason for that bothersome holiday weight gain.

You see, back in the days of cavemen, food was especially harder to come by during the winter months…

So they became programmed to eat as much as they could whenever it did come around. (2)

And I’m sure you were able to guess…modern day humans have retained that same caveman instinct.

So, even though there’s plenty of food for you to consume year round, we’re still biologically “programmed” to eat more than we need to (leading to weight gain) during these colder holiday months.

But, we don’t want you to worry…

Because there’s a great way to keep your digestive system prepared to deal with everything the holidays throws at it — and it’s a such a simple adjustment, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it sooner.

We’re talking about drinking water — hot water that is.

1. Smoother digestion

You see, by swapping out cold water for hot water (water that’s anywhere from 120-140°F), you’re actually helping your gut digest food. (3)

This is because hot water helps breakdown the food in your stomach much quicker than its cold counterpart.

That means you’ll be on the road to smoother digestion — so you can go through your day without feeling bloated or dealing with constipation — a “sneaky” way for weight gain to creep up on you. (4)

2. Improves energy

When you feel sluggish and tired, or you’re having issues with muscle cramps and swelling…these could be signs of poor blood circulation.

But increasing your hot water intake helps flush out toxins and other bits of junk in your body — so there’s less stuff slowing down your blood flow. (5)

This means you’ll feel re-energized and less bloated — so you’ll have more than enough “get up and go” to burn a few calories having that snowball fight in the front yard or going for a trip to the local outdoor skating rink.

3. Helps you feel slim

It can be tricky to maintain a healthy weight — even when you’re not dealing with decadent holiday temptations.

Luckily, drinking hot water could help you keep those extra pounds off.

You see, hot water increases your body temperature. And in turn, that speeds up your metabolic rate, helping your body burn calories at a faster rate. (6)

And since hot water helps your gut clear out waste and toxins — you’ll also be carrying around less “water weight.”

Our bodies may be designed to put on weight around the holidays, but that doesn’t mean you have to let it.

To start out, try drinking an 8oz. glass of hot lemon water in the morning. Once that’s a part of your routine, you can even add another 8oz. glass a few hours before it’s time for bed.

And if you’re in need of more support, the ingredients in our Dynamic Biotics blend are capable of reducing the appetite-regulating hormones responsible for holiday overeating. (7)

These “hot water tricks” — along with exercise, moderation and the formulas of Stonehenge Health — make it easier than ever to combat the effects of our “caveman instinct”… keeping you healthy now and for years to come.


(1) Helander, Elina E., Brian Wansink, and Angela Chieh. “Weight gain over the holidays in three countries.” New England Journal of Medicine 375.12 (2016): 1200-1202.

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HEALTH UPDATE: New study from University of Chicago sheds light on obesity

The scent of BBQ instantly makes me think of the summer season…and mouthwatering foods like hot dogs and burgers.

But, even if you consider yourself “fit”, those tasty summer meals could be putting you at risk for poor health down the line.

You see, a shocking new study out of Chicago showed just how bad the typical American diet can be for your gut microbiome…

…and what can happen if it isn’t corrected in enough time.

According to researchers at the University of Chicago Medical Center, they’ve isolated the specific microbes that grow as a result of a diet high in fatty foods and, over-time, lead directly to obesity. (1)

This study is one of the first of its kind to show precisely how the microbes in your bowel regulate your digestion and your body’s ability to absorb fat.

You see, when certain enzymes in your gut break down fat, they increase the speed at which calorie-dense foods (like the kinds you might find at a BBQ) get absorbed.

And if that happens, bacteria are released — and when they hang around for too long, it leads to what the researchers call “over-nutrition”.

But you probably know it better as obesity.

The researchers believe that these bacteria are a key part of a process that makes fat absorption happen at a much quicker rate than usual.

During the study, they decided to focus on the microbiomes in the small intestine, where most of your vitamins and micronutrients are digested and absorbed.

Their initial goal was to find out if the gut microbes that come from your diet had an effect on your body’s ability to absorb fat.

In the study, the scientists used one set of mice that harbored “bad bacteria” in their gut and a second group that didn’t.

Now, the second group of mice with none of the bad bacteria, even when they were fed a high-fat diet, didn’t absorb any of the fatty foods.

But when the researchers examined the first group, what they saw stunned them.

Because the first group of mice not only saw their “bad” bacteria increase — they saw their “good” bacteria significantly decrease, they absorbed more fat AND they gained weight.

A quadruple whammy.

This confirmed what researchers had felt all along — that there’s a direct line between a diet high in calorie-dense foods, poor gut health, and obesity.

This means that if you eat a diet filled with high fat, low nutrient foods, it can have a steep impact on your metabolism…which dramatically increases your risk of weight gain.

Now, even though this study was just completed, the University of Chicago researchers feel there’s something out there right now to help you deal directly with these microbes — probiotics.

They believe what I believe…that probiotics may play an important role in outnumbering those “bad” bacteria and helping ward off obesity.

So, keep your eyes peeled to this newsletter. If there are any updates to this new study, I want you to be the first to know.

And in the meantime, do yourself a favor and make sure you’ve got a high-quality probiotic in your daily routine.

SOURCE: (1) Specific bacteria in the small intestine are crucial for fat absorption: A high-fat diet promotes growth of the microbes that boost lipid digestion and absorption. (2018). ScienceDaily. Retrieved 9 July 2018, from 39.htm

The Role L. Gasseri Can Play in Your Weight Loss Journey

It’s not so easy to lose weight at 50 as it was at 30 but dropping even just 10 percent of your body weight can dramatically improve your overall health and help you live longer.

Unfortunately, there are no miracle magic cures for weight loss, but the good news is that certain supplements can help. Dynamic Biotics is a probiotic supplement that includes the daily dose of L. gasseri that your body needs, a highly beneficial bacteria that has a wide range of health benefits, including promoting weight loss.

What is L. Gasseri?

L. gasseri is a unique species of probiotic. It produces lactic acid, which supports healthy GI tract function, and it helps maintain leptin levels in the body, which can decline during weight loss. Low leptin levels trigger the body to conserve energy by slowing metabolism.

A large number of studies show that L. gasseri can help promote weight loss. One, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, found that participants who consumed fermented milk, a source of L. gasseri, every day for 12 weeks showed significant decreases in BMI, waist and hip circumference, and body fat mass. The control group showed no significant decreases.

Another study, published in the Korean Journal of Family Medicine, found that L. gasseri supplementation reduced body weight and waist and hip circumference in obese adults. In a similar study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, adults with obese tendencies who consumed L. gasseri lost a significant amount of abdominal visceral and subcutaneous fat and enjoyed reduced overall body weight.

Improved Metabolism Prevents Weight Gain

L. gasseri doesn’t just improve weight loss. It also prevents the accumulation of abdominal fat, according to a study published in the journal Lipids in Health and Disease. Researchers believe this may be because L. gasseri suppresses lipid absorption in the small intestine and promotes optimal metabolism.

Eat Less, Exercise Longer, Weigh Less

Another way in which L. gasseri can help with weight loss is by naturally decreasing food intake, according to a study of the effects of L. gasseri on rats. Another study, published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, found that it also combats exercise fatigue to help you move longer and lose more weight.

Strong Immunity is Key for Weight Loss

Strong, healthy immune cells in mice promote the formation of brown fat, or healthy fat, which is a powerhouse for burning excess body fat, according to a University of California study. L. gasseri has been shown to enhance cell-mediated immunity in older mice populations to help keep the immune system healthy with age.

Diet, Exercise, Probiotic: A Healthy Lifestyle for Weight Loss

Losing weight–and keeping it off–requires permanent lifestyle changes that promote a healthy body, including getting regular exercise, eating a healthy, mostly plant-based diet. L. Gasseri is found naturally in kefir, kimchi, miso, tempeh, and other highly healthy, fermented foods, but if these aren’t your thing, an easy to take daily supplement like Dynamic Biotics re-balances and re-cultures your gut bacteria for optimum health and better weight loss.